Attorneys Suggest Pedestrian Safety Tips for Your Child

Whether it is walking to school, the bus stop, or a friend’s house, it is important that your child knows proper safety techniques to ensure they are walking safe. Practicing safe walking is the best way to protect your child from being involved in a serious accident that leaves them injured. If they should be involved in such an incident, there are skilled New Jersey injury lawyers that can assist you.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2009 there were 244 pedestrian accident fatalities that were children 14 or younger. Of all fatal traffic accidents involving children, these pedestrian accidents accounted for about one-fifth. It was also reported that in 2009 there were an additional 13,000 children 14 or younger injured in pedestrian accidents.

Safe Walking Tips for Children
While the number of kids getting hurt in these kinds of incidents has lowered over the last decade, there is still much to be done with regards to preventing these tragic accidents. Make sure your children know how to safely walk where they need to go and that they always follow these rules.

Always walk on a sidewalk or path, never in the street. If there is no options of sidewalks, always make sure you are within the lines of the shoulder and that you are walking towards traffic.
Make sure you are seen. Wearing brightly colored clothing will help drivers see you when walking during the day, but at night you will need to wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight to alert cars that you are there.
When crossing the street, stop at the curb and look left, right, and left again before walking into the street. You should always cross in a marked crosswalk and when you have the green light.
When walking with friends, it is important that you never roughhouse by pushing, shoving, or jumping on each other. Someone could fall or accidentally get knocked into the street.
Practice Makes For Improved Safety
By informing your children of how they should behave and the safety measures they should practice, you are greatly reducing the chance that they will be hit by a car. As parents you should also be aware of your children playing in or around the street—if at all possible do not allow them to do this. It is much safer for your children to play in the back yard or an enclosed space away from the road where there is no chance of them running into the street.

If the unthinkable does occur, and your child is left with serious injuries, there are experienced New Jersey pedestrian accident attorneys that can help you to get the money you deserve and to see that the responsible parties are held accountable for their careless actions.


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