Do Not Under Estimate the Damage Caused by Dog Attacks To Children

Dogs have been long labelled as a man’s best friend. Children love playing with their pet dogs, and are constantly left with dogs unsupervised. This has become quite a hazardous choice nowadays, as the breeds of dog people are choosing to keep as pets nowadays have become increasingly of the dangerous kind. Japanese Akita, Pit […]

What Needs To Be Proved In Order To Win A Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral palsy is a disorder that usually occurs during pregnancy or during childbirth. Lack of oxygen to the brain causes brain damage to areas of the brain that regulate muscle movement. The lack of oxygen can occur due to a number of factors, and in some cases, it can be the […]

Trampoline Fun Probably Not Worth the Risk of Serious Injury

Kids love jumping around at home, be it on the bed, on sofas, or on the backyard trampoline. We love seeing our children happy and enjoying life, but we should also be aware of any risks or dangers that these enjoyments may cause. Trampolines are dangerous for kids to play on, with and definitely without […]

How Was A House Painter Awarded $58 Million After Losing Half His Skull in a Bar Room Beating?

By attorney Jon Rosenfeld – I am always culling the news stations to learn about strange, or unusual cases involving negligence. This is a very intriguing story about a fellow who was seriously harmed in a bar room brawl. House painter Antonio Lopez Chaj, age 43 sustained severe brain damage that resulted in the loss […]

Seating Position For Children In Cars (Yes, it does matter)

Motor vehicle accidents involving young children are dangerously increasing. The injuries that children sustain in such accidents are one of the leading causes of death of children in the US. Car accidents can be prevented, and with the correct child safety measures used, so can injuries. Types of Restraints For babies, aged 0 – 18 […]

Don’t Be Hesitant To Ask About Day Care Operators License

Working parents want the best care for their children, someone who will take care of them as well as themselves. Sometimes, if they are lucky, they have the option of leaving their kids with grandparents or aunts and uncles, family they trust will take the best care of their children. However, sometimes a parent will […]

What Is the Real Risk for a Child Sustaining An Incapacitating Injury in a Car Accident?

Injuries sustained in a car accident can be both physically and psychologically traumatic for a child. If the child luckily comes through the accident with minimal injuries, they may still suffer from psychological trauma. In severe accidents, children may suffer incapacitating injuries that can change their entire lives forever. Incapacitating Car Accident Injuries Involving Children […]

Should ‘Heading’ Be Removed From Children’s Soccer Leagues?

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, brain trauma caused by sports has increased about 60% in the last decade. Concussions are common injuries sustained by children when they are playing their favorite sport, but this does not make it okay. Any game involving a ball has the potential to hurt a […]

Children May Require Extensive Surgery to Correct Problems Left from Dog Bites

Dog bite victims are most commonly young children, because they are unable to defend themselves effectively against larger dogs. Injuries sustained by children can vary, from minor cuts and scratches to more severe injuries that can require surgeries and sometimes may even lead to death. Some examples of severe dog attack injuries If a , […]

Drivers Need To Pay Attention and Obey the Law When Children Exit School Buses

Accidents are preventable, and especially when drivers pay attention to what is going on around them. The slightest distraction can cause great damage. An important time for drivers to be on the lookout and extra careful is during the early morning when children are going to school, and in the late afternoon, when children are […]