If you are lucky enough to live close enough to your school to walk, you can avoid the traffic and have a nice walk with your child to school and then hear about their day on the way home. However, if for some reason you are not going to walk with them, you need to make sure they know the rules of being a safe pedestrian.

You can teach these rules to them during your walks to school so that when the time comes, they will always follow the rules when they are by themselves.

Sidewalks. Always walk on the sidewalk when one is available. If there is not a sidewalk, you should walk on the shoulder of the road, as far away from traffic as possible, facing traffic. Explain this is just the opposite of riding a bike, since bike riders need to ride with traffic.
Cross at intersections. Teach them early that you never cross the road when there is not a crosswalk or an intersection. This is not only a rule; it is an actual law in most places.
Left-right-left. All children should know to look left, then right, then left again before stepping off a curb to cross the road. Teach them early to be responsible for their own safety and not rely on stop signs and motorists to follow the rules.
Cross with an adult. If you are not there with them, children under 10 years of age should always be crossing the road with an adult. Preferably, they will be holding their hand.
Walk in groups. If your child is going to walk without you, it should be with a group, with an adult with them if at all possible. This is for their safety from motorists and also other people who may want to do them harm.
Teach them traffic signals. Show your children what the crosswalk signals mean, how the buttons work and when it is safe to cross. Remind them just because the signal says “walk” does not mean they should not do the left-right-left routine. Teach your child good habits by ALWAYS doing it with them before crossing.
With more children out on the sidewalks and streets, all adults need to be on the look out for kids running, playing and walking. In 2009, 13,000 children under 14-years of age were injured in pedestrian accidents. In school zones and residential areas, make sure to take extra precaution, watching for children who may excitedly run out into traffic.

At intersections take an extra moment to look all directions, whether there is a stop sign or not, to make sure no child is trying to cross. If we all do our part, children will be able to walk to and from school safely this year.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys
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