Carelessness To Blame For Many Carnival Ride & Water Park Accidents

Several years ago, my office represented a boy who fractured his legs after he was thrown from a water slide at a large water park to the concrete pavement below. Our investigation into the matter revealed that the boy should never have been permitted on the slide because he was grossly under the weight requirements set forth by the designer of the slide.  Further, we soon discovered that the water park operators elected to use their own tubes—that were inappropriately sized for the slide. For me, the water park incident was a real Continue reading

Trampoline Parks: Too Much Of A Dangerous Thing?

Always on the cutting edge, some of my son's friends are always looking for different birthday themes.  Moving beyond paint guns and 'Pump it up', my son was recently invited to a birthday gathering at a trampoline park. Trampoline parks making their way into the Midwest Everything sounded great until I Googled the facility and saw a link to a Chicago Tribune article about the new trampoline park trend invading the Chicagoland area.  Products of the West Coast, the facilities' utilize a groups of trampolines to assemble a series of Continue reading

Backyard Fun: Rented Play Rides Need To Be Set Up Properly To Protect Children

A reminder of the dangers posed to children by rented play equipment made headlines in Chicago when eight children were sent to the hospital for various types of injuries they sustained when an inflatable slide tipped over while the children were upon it. According to Chicago Sun Times reports, the inflatable slide was rented from a carnival equipment rental company for an end-of-the-year party at Robinson School in Lyons, IL. When the slide tipped over, many of the children where thrown into the asphalt surface resulted in cuts and bruises Continue reading

Authorities Look For Answers Following Boy’s Death In Roller Coaster Accident

Authorities from the Illinois Department of Labor are assembling at Go Bananas, an indoor amusement park in the Chicagoland area following the death of three-year-old identified as Jayson Dansby. Like many kids out for an evening of fun with their family, Jayson and his family went to Go Bananas, an indoor amusement park and pizza restaurant in Norridge, IL, was just out for a good time.  Sadly, an innocent roller coaster ride with his twin brother turned tragic when Jason fell out of the ride. According to reports from the Chicago Continue reading

Children In Amusement Parks & Carnival Rides: It’s Not All Fun And Games

Amusement parks and carnivals are a fun attraction, especially for children.  The rides, the games, the shows – all are developed to entertain and amaze.  However, these places for fun and revelry can also pose serious dangers. In Illinois, all amusement parks and rides that are open to the public must be inspected and obtain a permit before the first operation, and every year thereafter. The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) is responsible for these inspections, and inspects about 5,000 rides every year.  The fine for operating an Continue reading

Are Some Child-Amusements Taking ‘Scary’ Too Far?

In my house, it seems like we start celebrating Halloween in July!  Costumes, parties, candy-- and yes a trip to a haunted house or two seem to fill our schedules in the weeks leading up to the big day. In the past few years, I noticed a trend towards bigger and more exciting haunted houses where there is more of everything-- monsters and blood--- but a noticeable lack of safety. Most of the haunted houses are put together quickly--- and without much oversight from regulatory agencies as to how they are constructed or the types of Continue reading