Kids’ Fractures Require Special Attention To Avoid Complications Down The Road

Children are energetic, active, and playful.  They play as hard as they can and are oftentimes unaware of their own safety.  As can be expected, bone breaks or fractures are very common (diagram of bone breaks) in children.  Bone breaks are the fourth most common accidental injury for children under 6-years-old.     Broken bones can be difficult to recognize if the bone is not displaced.  Signs and symptoms of bone breaks include:  Pain  Swelling  Bruising  Tenderness  Numbness  Limited mobility Continue reading

Poor Supervision Of Children On ATV’s Can Have Disasterous Consequences

It never ceases to amaze me how the poor judgment of an adult can lead to disastrous consequences for a child. Particularly with the use of recreational activities, adult carelessness frequently contributes to situations where a child is harmed because the adult watching him or her failed to provide necessary instruction to a child regarding: Safe operation of a vehicle Hazards in the area The importance of using safety equipment. When supervising adults permit a child to engage in a potentially dangerous activity, such as the use Continue reading