The Use Of Expert Witnesses Are A Crucial Element In Boating & Tubing Accident Cases

As the operator of a boat, the driver of the craft is commonly referred to as the 'master of the ship' and is responsible for the safety of his passengers on-board and those in tow on water skis or tubes. While the 'master of the ship' phrase be be truthful in a significant number of situations, relying simply on a phrase or even common sense is rarely enough to successfully prove boating injury cases to an insurance company or jury. Like many fields outside of the knowledge of an average person, expert witnesses can be incredibly useful Continue reading

Boating Safety: Prevention Of Childhood Injuries While Boating, Tubing & Swimming

Boating, tubing, and other water sports and activities can provide fun and enjoyment for families when the weather is warm.    However, these pleasurable activities can also be dangerous for young children, resulting in injury or even death.    Statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard, injuries and property damages related to boating accidents can not be ignored:  In 2009, there were 4,370 boating accidents causing 3,358 injuries and 736 deaths and $36 million in damages to property. 86% of boating accident deaths involved boat Continue reading