Child Abuse Can Be Responsible For Injury To The Brain & Delayed Development

It is not just physical abuse that can affect and damage developing brains in children. According to recent findings, emotional abuse and neglect can also have an impact on how a child’s brain develops, leaving them more likely to have learning and emotional disabilities, as they grow older. Early Childhood Affects On The Brain A […]

Childhood Brain Injuries May Lead To Criminal Behavior

A new study suggests that brain injuries in children can lead to criminal behavior later in life. When a child sustains a brain injury (see here), many difficulties can arise in how their brain can function. Although some symptoms from the injury are apparent right away, others may take years to identify. Brain injuries can […]

Pediatric Brain Injuries Related To Car Accidents – What Statistics Tell Us?

The injuries inflicted on a child during a car accident can have lifelong consequences. With head trauma and brain injuries, sometimes these consequences will not be apparent until later in a child’s life. Head injuries are the most common injury that children suffer from in car accidents. The Statistics In a study conducted by the […]

How Was A House Painter Awarded $58 Million After Losing Half His Skull in a Bar Room Beating?

By attorney Jon Rosenfeld – I am always culling the news stations to learn about strange, or unusual cases involving negligence. This is a very intriguing story about a fellow who was seriously harmed in a bar room brawl. House painter Antonio Lopez Chaj, age 43 sustained severe brain damage that resulted in the loss […]

Should ‘Heading’ Be Removed From Children’s Soccer Leagues?

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, brain trauma caused by sports has increased about 60% in the last decade. Concussions are common injuries sustained by children when they are playing their favorite sport, but this does not make it okay. Any game involving a ball has the potential to hurt a […]