Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Cautions Adults To Help Reduce The Risk of Serious Injuries & Burns For Children Related To Fireworks

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Cautions Adults To Help Reduce The Risk of Serious Injuries & Burns For Children Related To Fireworks

What child does not like fireworks? Although they are beautiful to look at, they can be dangerous when allowed to get in the wrong, small hands. Keeping children safe when fireworks are present should be every parent and homeowners priority, for everybody’s sake. Firework Accidents Every year there are more injuries and accidents added under the heading of fireworks. They are also the cause of fires, a reported 15,500 in 2010 alone, causing eight deaths and over $36 million in direct property damage. Some numbers to consider: For 2010, Continue reading

Packaging Designs Of Popular Instant Soups Scrutinized After Children Suffer Serious Burns

For seven-month-old Richard Martin, a diaper ultimately stood between serious burns and permanent scars. “As soon as I heard his screams, I knew it was really bad,” said Richard’s mother, Regina, who ran to Richard’s side after Richard spilled soup on himself in 2010. “Thankfully he had his Pampers on.” Richard, who lives in the Toronto area, was sitting down to dinner with his family when he tugged on a tablecloth, and a container of soup tumbled onto his left leg. The burn resulted in boils, welts and blisters from his left hip to his Continue reading

Funding Pulled From Group Home For Children Following Discovery Of Abuse

For handicapped children, living in a group home environment with peers facing similar disabilities can be a real gift.  Unlike other living arrangements where children can feel significantly out of place, group homes for disabled children and young-adults hopefully foster an environment of support and encouragement. Understandably, many of these young people require supervision.  When staff at these facilites fail to use their common sense and supervisory responsibility, the opportunity for dangerous and abusive conditions rears its Continue reading

Toddler Receives Burns In Daycare Due To Caregiver’s Poor Judgment

A two-year old toddler is spending time in the burn unit of an Indiana hospital after the caregiver at his daycare center tried to apparently teach him a cruel lesson for poorly aiming while urinating. After an initial claim that the boy simply 'fell' into a tub of lukewarm water, the caregiver acknowledged that the boy received scald burns when she deliberately placed him in boiling hot water at her home-based daycare center. Now the caregiver and daycare owner, identified as Irene Martin, faces criminal charges of felony neglect and Continue reading