A Victims Guide after a Personal Injury Accident in California

Have you or someone you love fallen victim to an accident in Orange County? Did the accident lead to injuries that have resulted in medical bills or the loss of the ability to work? We certainly hope not, but in case this has happened and the accident is the result of someone else's negligence, then you deserve just and fair compensation for the losses that you or your loved one have incurred. You may think that you can handle such a situation on your own, but in almost all cases you'll be better off hiring the services of an Orange County Continue reading

New Federal Database to Shed Light on Traumatic Brain Injuries

Family members seeking information about a loved one’s brain injury might discover that hard facts are surprisingly difficult to find. Hospitals can offer a degree of knowledge, as can certain foundations and nonprofits, but by and large much practical information about brain injuries literally remains in the dark. A new database from the National Institutes of Health, called the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research Database (FITBIR), hopes to slowly change that. In response to growing interest about traumatic brain Continue reading

Ten Great Websites For Children Facing Difficulties With Adoption Or Foster Care System

Adoption and foster care arrangements can be terrific alternative for children with troubled backgrounds.  After all, children living in these type of arrangements may be blessed with a loving family.  If you are looking for insights one these family situations, you've come to the right place. 1)Thin Q Fitness http://www.thinqfitness.com/blog.asp?z1060Brn4=al8rzor4-FDED Fitness regimens that are on video that has something for everyone's fitness ability level. Contact Fiona Russell at info@thinqdigitalmedia.com. 2) Adoption Blogs Continue reading

Child Safety Blogs Tackle Important Safety Concerns For Parents

  Sure, Child Safety has become one of the more over-used terms out there.  After all, is there really anyone out there who's against child safety?  Though our world is seemingly always making headway with respect to improvements in almost every area of our lives, child safety must remain front-and-center in order to make strides with many of the important issues facing children of all ages.  Below are some Child Safety sites that I've found useful and worth a look. 1) Child Safety Blog Continue reading

Don’t Bother Giving Statements To Insurance Companies After An Accident

In the days following a personal injury accident, many injured people receive an outpouring of calls and messages from friends, family and.... insurance adjusters.  While it may be easy to give the insurance adjuster a return call while in the call returning mode, the fact remains that insurance adjusters are not your friends. From a personal perspective, insurance adjusters and the investigators they commonly associate with may be good, fine people.  However, as soon as a car accident, fall, or any other type of personal injury occurs, Continue reading

Special Needs Children Deserve The Full Resources Of The On-Line Community

  As I can attest, raising even a healthy child can be one of life's bigger challenges.  However, when children face additional hurdles such as birth defects and other disabilities, life may appear daunting for the entire family.  I've had the pleasure of working with families facing many of these hurdles and truly have come to admire their perseverance--- ah, and patience.  Many of these are sites that have been recommended by clients over the years.  I hope you find them helpful. 1) Sherlene’s Blog Continue reading

Help For Abused Children Is Out There– You Just Need To Know Where To Look

As a parent, I really cringe when I hear about a child being abused by anyone.  Unfortunately, children remain prime targets for physical, mental and sexual abuse perpetrated in diverse settings.  In order for us to help child abuse victims, we first must acknowledge its existence and then begin to understand how and where it occurs.  1) ChildHelp http://www.childhelp.org This non-profit helps victims of child abuse and neglect. It is an international agency which fosters children to work through their abuse and neglect. 2) Continue reading

Happy 4th Of July From Child Injury Law Blog

Happy 4th of July!  I wish children--- of all ages-- a happy and safe fourth.  While novelties like fireworks can be fun and festive, be sure to keep them away from your kids! Continue reading

Child Injury Laws Featured On Inter Alia Blog

Shortly after our sister blog, Nursing Homes Abuse Blog, was featured on Tom Mighell's Inter Alia blog, I am pleased to announce that he was kind enough to mention Child Injury Laws several days later.  For years, Inter Alia has been a recognized authority in the area of legal blogs and a mention from them certainly means a lot to me. Continue reading

Fresh Air Fund Helps Inner City Children Gain Valuable Life Experiences

One of the cooler organizations that I've come across in a while is the Fresh Air Fund. Started in 1877, the Fresh Air Fund brings children from New York to live with suburban families across the Northeast.  The program enables predominately inner-city children to experience many of the simple warm weather joys that we take for-granted. This year, the fund is in desperate need of 1200 host families to provide hosting for children in the program.  Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to Continue reading