Federal Government Issues New Crib Standards for Hotels; Daycare Centers

[Caption: A ban on “drop side” cribs may render scenarios like this one obsolete. (Photo courtesy of CPSC)] In response to at least 32 infant deaths caused by “drop-side” cribs, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued stringent new rules for cribs in hotels. As of December 2012, all U.S. hotels and motels must: Remove all drop-side cribs Use cribs with stronger wood, to prevent slat breakage Strengthen mattress supports Use anti-loosening devices to help keep hardware secure The new regulations Continue reading

Drop Sided Cribs: Will Saving Your Back Cost Your Child Their Life?

Who doesn't want things to be easier? As a parent, I certainly appreciate anything to make my life easier when it comes to child care.  The problem is, when it comes to infants cribs, product manufactures may have taken consumers desire for ease of life a little too far. Since the 1970's crib manufacturers have added a 'drop-side' feature that allows a caregiver to easily access a child by lowering a side of the crib as opposed to using their lower-back for leverage. Some crib manufacturers have begun to cut corners by using cheap Continue reading