Helpful Tips To Prevent Child Injuries From Falls

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for children. As a resource to our clients, our Michigan child injury lawyers would like to share a list of useful tips and information for parents to help insure safety and prevent child fall injuries. According to study done by National SAFE KIDS Campaign (NSKC), the most effective way to prevent falls among children is to install window guards. In addition, protective surfacing under and around playground equipment can prevent the incidence and reduce the severity of fall-related injuries. Continue reading

Packaging Designs Of Popular Instant Soups Scrutinized After Children Suffer Serious Burns

For seven-month-old Richard Martin, a diaper ultimately stood between serious burns and permanent scars. “As soon as I heard his screams, I knew it was really bad,” said Richard’s mother, Regina, who ran to Richard’s side after Richard spilled soup on himself in 2010. “Thankfully he had his Pampers on.” Richard, who lives in the Toronto area, was sitting down to dinner with his family when he tugged on a tablecloth, and a container of soup tumbled onto his left leg. The burn resulted in boils, welts and blisters from his left hip to his Continue reading

Watch Out For This Bling! Recalled Children’s Jewelry

The following is a list of jewelry recalls issued from January 2011 to October 2011. EKSuccess Brand American Girl Crafts Jewelry Kit Recalled on June 7, 2011 The surface coatings on some of the beads contain excessive levels of lead. They were sold at Michael’s stores and retailers nationwide from September 2009 through June 2011. Build-A-Bear Workshop Lapel Pins Recalled on August 4, 2011 The surface paints on the pin contain excessive levels of lead. No injuries have been reported. They were sold at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores Continue reading

Why Can’t Children’s Clothing Designers Make Safer Designs? Recalled Children’s Clothing

I'm no clothing designer, nor do I claim to be up-to-date when it comes to fashion.  However, looking over the list of children's clothing items that have been recalled over the past year due to safety concerns, there seem to have a common connection--- simply poor designs that fail to take any considerations into play in the designing process.   Slight modifications--- or more accurately--- elimination of extraneous features like drawstrings or decorations could potentially reduce the risk of a child's serious injury. The following Continue reading

Dangerous Cribs, Strollers & Gear. See What Children’s Products Were Recalled Over The Past Year.

Unlike some of the children's toys and clothing recalled over the past year, which may be exclusively used with the supervision of adults, many of the items named in the children's furniture and baby gear recalls involve items that are inherently used to help children sleep or relax--- without the immediate supervision of an adult. The following is a list of crib, furniture & baby gear recalls issued from January 2011 to October 2011 from the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). Calisson Teething Rings Recalled on January 12, Continue reading

Bah Humbug! Take a look at list of dangerous toys before you do your holiday shopping.

As parents there's no better holiday gift than seeing the joy on your child's face as she tears through the gift wrapping to discover a toy that has desperately requested.  Given the well-publicized problems with some children's toys in the past, many of us simply assume that toy manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to make safe products for our children. Indeed, while significant strides have been made with respect to the safety of children's toys in general, the threat of injury or death due to inherently dangerous children's Continue reading

CPSC Deems Drawstrings a “Substantial Product Hazard,” Strengthening Rules on Their Production and Distribution

[Caption: A group of recalled sweatshirts from Burlington Coat Factory, July 2009 (Photo courtesy of CPSC)] Though the death of a child is always a tragic event, there’s something especially touching - and senseless - about children dying from drawstring accidents. Perhaps it’s the fact that nearly all of these incidents were easily preventable. Over the past five years, more than 100 recalls have been issued on clothing with drawstrings - each one clearly a strong warning sign. A recent ruling from the Consumer Product Continue reading

CPSC Issues Massive Recall of Pourable Fire Gel Fuels; Calling Fuels “Hazardous” and Potentially Lethal

  [Caption: Napa Home & Garden’s products are responsible for at least 37 burn injuries and two deaths. (Photo courtesy of CPSC)] With summer winding down, most of us are looking back on barbecues and cook-outs with pleasure. But for some families, this summer will carry with it unfortunate memories of ghastly burns - due to dangerous products called “fuel gels.” According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fuel gels have so far caused at least two deaths and sixty serious injuries. The sheer scope of the injuries has Continue reading

Pottery Barn Recalls 82,000 Dolls, Citing Strangulation Hazard

[Caption: “Chloe,” “Sophie,” and “Audrey” could pose grave dangers to your child. (Photo courtesy of CPSC)] An innocuous-looking hairpiece on three kinds of Pottery Barn Kids’ dolls might in fact be lethal to children, according the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). “The hair on the ‘Chloe’ and ‘Sophie’ dolls may contain loops that are large enough to fit around a child’s head and neck,” said an announcement from the CPSC. “And the Continue reading

Fuel Gel Burn Update: Illinois Attorney General Calls For National Recall

After our recent discussion related to the dangers of fuel gel products, I received several contacts for people who have witnessed the products' dangers themselves.  Most relayed similar experiences in terms of difficulty determining if the flame on the firepot or torch was burning--- or not. While determining the presence of a flame may seem a bit strange, this is exactly the problem many consumers have described prior to adding fuel to the vessel.  The volatile nature of the fuel gel causes a severe reaction when the product is added to a Continue reading