Don’t Be Hesitant To Ask About Day Care Operators License

Don’t Be Hesitant To Ask About Day Care Operators License

Working parents want the best care for their children, someone who will take care of them as well as themselves. Sometimes, if they are lucky, they have the option of leaving their kids with grandparents or aunts and uncles, family they trust will take the best care of their children. However, sometimes a parent will have to leave their child at a day care. With the incidents that have been occurring all over the world regarding day care and nanny neglect, this can be a frightening task. How do you trust a complete stranger with your most Continue reading

Difficulties In Prosecuting Child Abuse

It can be difficult providing proof to prosecute the perpetrator in court for the attorney representing the victim even though it may be apparent that the child has been abused. If the child is an infant, or worse, did not survive the abuse, there are often no witnesses to the crime that can testify. In those cases, the juries must rely on expert testimony and circumstantial evidence. Partial Acquittal For Murder Of Corduray, Jr In the case of 3-month old Corduray Scott, Jr., his death was only partially vindicated. His father, Corduray Scott Continue reading

Caregivers Must be on the Lookout for Signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Caregivers Must be on the Lookout for Signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome

The thought of someone abusing a child, especially an infant, is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, it happens every day. Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is the number one killer of child abuse victims. These children, most just infants, sustain these injuries at the hands of the very people who are supposed to take care of them: their parents and their caregivers. What Is SBS? Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form of traumatic brain injury that occurs when a child, most often an infant, is shaken violently, hit, or dropped. The majority of victims of SBS Continue reading

Lack of Supervision at Daycare Can Result in Injuries to Children

Daycares are a great option for parents who are unable to watch their children during the day.  These facilities are intended to entertain, nurture, and educate children while keeping them safe.  Unfortunately, neglect by caregivers occurs with shocking regularity in some of these facilities, and may lead to devastating injuries. When day care attendants fail to adequately supervise children attending their programs, they can be held liable for any subsequent injuries. Possible Injuries Because of their natural curiosity and the fact that they Continue reading

Chicago Tribune: 6,000 IL Day Care Facilities Go Uninspected Every Year

                                                   [PHOTO CAPTION: 16-month old Benjamin Kingan died after suffering a head injury at the Minee Subee day care center in Lincolnshire, IL. Though regulators often visited Minee Subee, their predictable timing meant the owner could plan for their visits. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune)] A recent front-page story from the Chicago Tribune claimed that nearly half of Illinois’ 12,300 day care facilities go unregulated. According to the article, employees at the Department of Children and Continue reading

Ways to Protect Your Child from Choking Injuries and Death

As parents, we aim to have our children grow up safe and happy. However, accidents can happen which is why we need to take steps in order to reduce the chance of an unintentional injury. When your child is injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, such as a toy manufacturer who made a dangerous or defective product, speak with Burlington County personal injury lawyers to learn your legal rights and options. Safe Kids USA reported that almost 60 percent of nonfatal choking incidents treated in emergency rooms are attributed to food. Continue reading

Police Investigating Suspicious Death of Infant at Day Care Center

                                       [PHOTO CAPTION: The exterior of Sunflower Christian “Montessori” day care center in Hoffman Estates, IL. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times)]. Police have yet to say whether the recent death of a 4-month-old girl in a Northwest suburban day care center was a murder. On April 18, paramedics were called to an unlicensed day care center on a residential street in Hoffman Estates, IL. They found Anna Belle Chung unconscious, with no outward sign of injury. She died three days later at Children’s Continue reading

Lawsuit Filed Against Babysitting Facility Where Toddler Was Abused

A civil lawsuit was recently filed against the operator of a babysitting facility in the Chicagoland after law enforcement officials determined that abuse from a caregiver caused the child’s death. The lawsuit claims that the operator of the babysitting facility was negligent in failing to provide proper supervision of staff and failing to provide timely medical care for the injured child. After an exhaustive investigation by the medical examiners office, forensic evidence established that the 20-month-old girl was hit with great force Continue reading

Federal Government Issues New Crib Standards for Hotels; Daycare Centers

[Caption: A ban on “drop side” cribs may render scenarios like this one obsolete. (Photo courtesy of CPSC)] In response to at least 32 infant deaths caused by “drop-side” cribs, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued stringent new rules for cribs in hotels. As of December 2012, all U.S. hotels and motels must: Remove all drop-side cribs Use cribs with stronger wood, to prevent slat breakage Strengthen mattress supports Use anti-loosening devices to help keep hardware secure The new regulations Continue reading

Funding Pulled From Group Home For Children Following Discovery Of Abuse

For handicapped children, living in a group home environment with peers facing similar disabilities can be a real gift.  Unlike other living arrangements where children can feel significantly out of place, group homes for disabled children and young-adults hopefully foster an environment of support and encouragement. Understandably, many of these young people require supervision.  When staff at these facilites fail to use their common sense and supervisory responsibility, the opportunity for dangerous and abusive conditions rears its Continue reading