Children May Require Extensive Surgery to Correct Problems Left from Dog Bites

Children May Require Extensive Surgery to Correct Problems Left from Dog Bites

Dog bite victims are most commonly young children, because they are unable to defend themselves effectively against larger dogs. Injuries sustained by children can vary, from minor cuts and scratches to more severe injuries that can require surgeries and sometimes may even lead to death. Some examples of severe dog attack injuries If a , the injuries can be so severe that extensive surgery is needed to correct the problem. In July 2012, an 8-year-old boy from Gladstone, Oregon needed surgery after being bitten by a dog in the calf. In Continue reading

Do Not Under Estimate the Damage Caused by Dog Attacks To Children

Do Not Under Estimate the Damage Caused by Dog Attacks To Children

Dogs have been long labelled as a man’s best friend. Children love playing with their pet dogs, and are constantly left with dogs unsupervised. This has become quite a hazardous choice nowadays, as the breeds of dog people are choosing to keep as pets nowadays have become increasingly of the dangerous kind. Japanese Akita, Pit Bull and Rottweiler are common breeds of dogs that are kept as pets and have been known to attack young children and cause serious injuries. Physical and Psychological Effects The injuries young children sustain have Continue reading

Dog Bite Facts, Prevention Tips, and Legal Help

Facts According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), an estimated 4.7 million Americans will be bitten by a dog this year, children being the primary victims. Close to 800,000 people require medical attention each year for dog bites. Sadly, there are about 12 people who die every year from dog attacks. According to the American Humane Association, the insurance industry pays out more than $1 billion in dog-bite claims each year. Prevention The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a list of safety tips for Continue reading

Child Bitten In Face By Dog After Owner Drops Leash

Another tragic example of an irresponsible dog owner caught my attention this weekend. According to a four-year-old girl was bitten in the face by a dog believed to be an Australian Cattle Dog or a Blue Heeler.  The problem remains with this incident (and countless other similar events) they dog owner fled the scene of the bite after announcing that her dog's rabies shots were 'up to date'. As authorities look for the dogs involving in this attack, they have confirmed that the incident occurred at a yard sale, when the dog owner Continue reading

Can You Afford Not To Speak To A Lawyer Following Your Child’s Injury?

I receicve many inquiries from parents of injured children who are concerned both about the long-term impact of injuries on their children--- and how to go about seeking legal recourse from the party that may have caused the injured.  While the medical implications of an injury are indeed best suited for a physician to address, to potential legal redress may be evaluated by an attorney experienced in personal injury law. Few relationships have such an alignment of interests as an attorney / client relationship in a personal injury context. Continue reading

Dog Owners Need To Remember To Use Common Sense When Bringing Children Around Their Home

Let's not forget that their are plenty of dog-attacks that take place everyday amongst well-behaved children and well-behaved dogs. In these circumstances, the dog owners and child-care supervisors are really the ones who are to blame when a child is attacked by friendly dog. The lack of basic common sense for many dog owners was well-articulated in a recent article by Penny Elms, entitled, "5 yr old child bitten by dog- where has common sense gone?" In her article, Penny discusses a recent dog bite attack in Florida where a child was Continue reading

In Aftermath Of Dog Attack Of Child, Parents Question Police Investigation Procedures

The parents of three-year-old Nevaeh Farrell are angry.  Angry because their daughter was mauled by an English Mastiff that attacked her as she played in the fenced-in yard of a her aunt. Perhaps they are even angrier because after the attack and call to the police, officials never came out to investigate the incident as their daughter suffered serious bite-wounds to her nose, eyebrow, chin and forehead. While seeking medical attention following a dog attack is indeed crucial, notifying law authorities of the incident really is important Continue reading

Chicagoland Suburb Considers Muzzling Laws For Dangerous Dogs

Who hasn’t walked down the street to be greeted by a sneer from an aggressive dog? Sure the sneers are unsettling and most of the time they are relatively harmless. But, what happens when the sneering dog makes a dash and yanks the leash from an unsuspecting dog owner? Hopefully, not much. However, when dogs with violent propensities get away from the control of their owners disastrous consequences can ensue if the dog attacks a person. Now, a Chicago-area suburb is considering a law that would protect people who encounter a situation Continue reading

Off Leash Dogs Are Just An Accident Waiting To Happen For Children

Wow, this past weekend brought some incredibly summer-like conditions to Chicago.  The temps were in the 80's, the sun was out and yes--- the dogs were running with excitement around every park and neighborhood. While I share the dogs' excitement to be outside after being cooped up all winter, I was really shocked by how many dogs were allowed to mingle with young children at playgrounds-- without any leash! Even to a cautious personal injury lawyer, who has seen the ravages of unleashed dogs, I was really disappointed-- and somewhat Continue reading

Children Are Susceptible For Dog Bites While At Homes Of Friends & Family

A recent news report regarding a 1-year-old boy who was bitten in the face by a relative's dog highlights a pattern of problems I see related to children who have been attacked by dogs while in the 'safety' of a home of a friend or family. According to the news report in the Fay Observer, the boy who sustained puncture wounds under his eye and chin, was bitten as he played with the dog in the relatives backyard. Unfortunately for many children, parents tend to forget that children should be supervised at all times when playing with dogs-- Continue reading