Child Abuse Can Be Responsible For Injury To The Brain & Delayed Development

Child Abuse Can Be Responsible For Injury To The Brain & Delayed Development

It is not just physical abuse that can affect and damage developing brains in children. According to recent findings, emotional abuse and neglect can also have an impact on how a child’s brain develops, leaving them more likely to have learning and emotional disabilities, as they grow older. Early Childhood Affects On The Brain A neurologist from the University of California, Los Angles recently released brain scans of two 2-year old children who both came from very different home environments. One child came from a loving home while the Continue reading

Difficulties In Prosecuting Child Abuse

It can be difficult providing proof to prosecute the perpetrator in court for the attorney representing the victim even though it may be apparent that the child has been abused. If the child is an infant, or worse, did not survive the abuse, there are often no witnesses to the crime that can testify. In those cases, the juries must rely on expert testimony and circumstantial evidence. Partial Acquittal For Murder Of Corduray, Jr In the case of 3-month old Corduray Scott, Jr., his death was only partially vindicated. His father, Corduray Scott Continue reading

Ten Great Websites For Children Facing Difficulties With Adoption Or Foster Care System

Adoption and foster care arrangements can be terrific alternative for children with troubled backgrounds.  After all, children living in these type of arrangements may be blessed with a loving family.  If you are looking for insights one these family situations, you've come to the right place. 1)Thin Q Fitness Fitness regimens that are on video that has something for everyone's fitness ability level. Contact Fiona Russell at 2) Adoption Blogs Continue reading

Foster Care Abuse Lawsuit Seeks Damages From Placement Agency

Three young men who allege to have been sexually abused by their foster care father have filed civil lawsuits against both the individual and the foster care placement company. The foster care father, faces criminal charges for the sexual abuse of seven adolescent boys at his Last Chance Farm compound.  The man and his wife were part of Mentor Maryland, an organization that provides foster care to children and adolescents with: mental disabilities, at-risk children and people with brain and spinal cord injuries. The lawsuits all allege Continue reading

Reporting Child Abuse: Not Just The Right Thing To Do– But Also The Law

In many situations, a child may be unable or unwilling to report their own abuse or neglect.  Therefore, it is important that the network of adults in a child’s life are vigilant advocates, giving abused children a voice.  A child may not report abuse because they cannot talk, do not understand what is happening, are afraid, or have no one to talk to. That is why there are mandated reporters, people and professions who have a legal requirement to report child abuse or neglect to the State.  Many times, these people are in the best position Continue reading

Preventing Institutional Child Abuse By Carefully Selecting A Facility

Children, like the elderly, are a vulnerable group that requires oversight, protection, and regulations to protect them.  (See “Children in Day Care Are Susceptible to Many of the Same Problems Our Elderly Nursing Home Patients Encounter”) Choosing a Child Care Provider When choosing a child care facility, there are a number of factors to keep in mind.  It is important to find a high-quality facility, where you feel your children are receiving the best care and attention.  (Trust Your Instinct When Placing a Child in Daycare with Continue reading

Understanding The Regulations Pertaining To Day Care Facilities Is Crucial To Protecting Your Child

Day Care Centers are facilities that provide child care for less than 24 hours/day for over eight children if it is a family home or over three children in a non-home facility. In Illinois, these Centers are regulated by the Part 407 (Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers) of the Illinois Administrative Code.  DCFS inspects and licensees these facilities (license valid for three years). Day Care Centers must meet certain health and safety guidelines including but not limited to: ensuring that all children are supervised at all times, Continue reading

Even After Foster Care System Overhaul; Children Remain At Risk For Abuse & Neglect

Acknowledging the problems with its foster care system, New Jersey pledged to make improvements with an investment of more than $1 billion and improved oversight of the system with a federal judge.  Despite its admirable intentions, a recent article on confirms that supervisory problems continue to threaten the well being of children that the system is intended to protect. With more than 7,000 children living in licensed foster care and group homes, New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services has the responsibility to supervise Continue reading

$10 Million Settlement For Child Abused By Foster Parent Demonstrates Lapses In Oversight System

A significant settlement in a foster care abuse lawsuit demonstrated the defects in regulatory system meant to protect vulnerable children and infants.  The lawsuit was brought on behalf of a 5-year-old boy who was placed into the foster care system after his birth mother was deemed unfit to care for the baby by her family. From the time the boy was placed in the custody of his foster mother, he was repeatedly physically abused by the woman.  An ancillary criminal trial of the foster mother demonstrated that repeated episodes of physical Continue reading

Foster Care System Failing To Protect Those Who Need It The Most

In the United States, there are more than 500,000 children living in foster care.  Foster care is the temporary placement of children because of abuse, neglect, family problems, or dependency. A child may be placed because their home is no longer safe, their parents or guardians are no longer able to provide proper care, or the child no longer has a parent or guardian to care for them.  The primary goal of foster care is to return the child to its home, if possible. Foster care is intended to be a temporary solution for children who Continue reading