Negligently Stored Guns Pose A Major Threat To The Safety Of Our Kids

If you think child-related shootings and deaths are isolated to gang violence, you are bitterly wrong.  Statistics tell us that children are far more likely to be injured or killed at home-- due to an improperly stored gun and/or ammunition than they are to be shot due to random act of violence. Children-- in particular, are at risk for gun-related injury or death due to naturally inquisitive nature.  Further, many of our children are used to playing with toy-guns which make the distinction between real and fake even more difficult to Continue reading

Rash Of Household Gun Injuries Demonstrates Need For Restricting Childrens’ Access

There are all too many news stories about accidental gun shootings involving children.  The recent Supreme Court ruling in McDonald vs. Chicago determined that cities and states cannot abridge citizens’ 2nd Amendment right to keep handguns in their home for protection.  According to a UCLA law professor and physician, this decision may increase the risk of accidental injury, death, homicide, and suicide for people who live in or visit a home where a gun is kept.     There are more than 30,000 gun deaths Continue reading