What Needs To Be Proved In Order To Win A Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

What Needs To Be Proved In Order To Win A Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral palsy is a disorder that usually occurs during pregnancy or during childbirth. Lack of oxygen to the brain causes brain damage to areas of the brain that regulate muscle movement. The lack of oxygen can occur due to a number of factors, and in some cases, it can be the fault of the medical team during the time of delivery. Cerebral palsy is a difficult condition to live with for children. They will never be able to live as other children, play openly, nor will they be as free as other children will. Parents Continue reading

Tremendous Expenses Related To Disabled Child Care

Raising a child with disabilities can have enormous costs for the family. Beyond the cost emotional, mentally and physically, the financial burden can be tremendous as well. Even with health care insurance and even government assistance, there are many out of pocket expenses that are just not covered. Specialized Medical Equipment Necessary To Care For Disabled Children Depending on the severity of the disability, there are many devices and equipment that may be needed to properly care for a disabled child. Keeping in mind that a disabled Continue reading

Is Medical Care Getting Safer? Or Are Fewer People Filing Claims?

According to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) data, 2011 had the lowest amount of reported medical malpractice lawsuits since 1991. This information on the surface suggests that medical practice has improved, thus leading to fewer claims. Both consumer advocate groups and tort reform groups, usually on opposing sides, agree that the numbers are misleading. Why Are The Numbers Lower? Although it would be wonderful to think that these claims are lower due to increased health care standards, there are other reasons these numbers have Continue reading

Medical Practitioners Need To Take Responsibility For Birth Injuries Such As Cerebral Palsy To Ease Strain On Children & Families

When a child is born with a birth injury such as a brain injury, the pain it causes the child and the family is immeasurable. When the birth injury could have been avoided, it is even more painful. No family wants to go through the painstaking process of a medical malpractice suit but it is often the only way to get justice when medical mistakes are made. The Fountain Baby Case Recently, that is exactly what Martha and Jonathon Fountain had to do. Five years ago their son was born with a birth injury that has left him with cerebral palsy and Continue reading

Highly Decorated Medical Facilities Still Make Errors That Result In Patient Injury & Death

When choosing a hospital, clinic or any medical facility, you hope by going with the best in the field or area that you are safe in their hands. Prestigious hospitals that have been awarded top honors lead patients to believe that they will only get the best treatment. However, regardless of their records and awards, all medical facilities can make mistakes. Highly Ranked Children’s Hospital U.S. News ranks hospitals from all over the country each year, dividing them into types and specialties. One of the categories is children hospitals. Continue reading

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Children and Their Families

Our law firm is focused on providing the highest quality legal services for children who have been injured in accidents or medical malpractice.  We recognize that injuries sustained by a baby or child frequently accompany them for throughout their entire lives. An appreciation for the significance that attaches to a child’s personal injury or medical malpractice case distinguishes our law office from other lawyers who have a more generalized practice. Experience handling personal injury cases on behalf of minors has allowed our attorneys Continue reading

Illinois Cerebral Palsy Lawyer Supports New Treatments Being Tested For CP

Stem cell research has made the headlines again with cord blood stem cells being tested as treatment for cerebral palsy patients. The testing is bringing hope to the 760,000 patients living with cerebral palsy (CP). A clinical trial is currently being done at Duke University and at other medical facilities worldwide. Cord Blood Stem Cell Treatments For Use In CP Patients Cord blood stem cells, or cord cells for short, are being used and studied in over known diseases. Cord blood is the blood that is left in a newborns umbilical cord after Continue reading

Should You Bring Your Experts Live to Trial?

I'm really excited that my colleague Ron Miller of Miller and Zois, has agreed to prepare an article regarding a trial lawyer's ongoing dilemma on bringing experts into court for live testimony.  Ron is a seasoned trial lawyer who has seen firsthand how these cases play out. All other things being equal, live witnesses are more interesting than witnesses from recorded depositions. This is pretty obvious, right? It is easier to connect with a live human being than it is with an image on a television screen. Most experienced trial lawyers know Continue reading

Caring For A Child With Cerebral Palsy Requires Special Considerations Related To Nutrition

The other day my colleagues at Miller & Zois who host the Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Blog, we kind enough to let me talk about the frequently overlooked aspects of nutrition in caring for a child with CP.  Since they published post, I've received several notes from families who were grateful for this type of information.  As a medical malpractice attorney who handles cerebral palsy cases, I will encourage my clients to seek out nutrtionists who have experience in this area.  Since so many CP patients have spasms related to the Continue reading

Can CP Be Cured In Infants? New Medical Study Brings Hope To Parents and Families

[Photo Caption: Kate Allatt suffered a massive stroke in February 2010. To the amazement of her doctors, she emerged from “Locked-In” syndrome to become a fully functional person again. (Photo courtesy of kateallatt.com)]One of the most enduring mysteries of cerebral palsy (CP) is its stubborn resistance to a cure.  For parents of “highly functioning” CP children - those who can read and speak at fairly normal levels  - the “veil” between CP and a “normal” existence can be frustratingly thin. I was reminded of this once again as I watched Continue reading