Tremendous Expenses Related To Disabled Child Care

Raising a child with disabilities can have enormous costs for the family. Beyond the cost emotional, mentally and physically, the financial burden can be tremendous as well. Even with health care insurance and even government assistance, there are many out of pocket expenses that are just not covered. Specialized Medical Equipment Necessary To Care For Disabled Children Depending on the severity of the disability, there are many devices and equipment that may be needed to properly care for a disabled child. Keeping in mind that a disabled Continue reading

Should You Bring Your Experts Live to Trial?

I'm really excited that my colleague Ron Miller of Miller and Zois, has agreed to prepare an article regarding a trial lawyer's ongoing dilemma on bringing experts into court for live testimony.  Ron is a seasoned trial lawyer who has seen firsthand how these cases play out. All other things being equal, live witnesses are more interesting than witnesses from recorded depositions. This is pretty obvious, right? It is easier to connect with a live human being than it is with an image on a television screen. Most experienced trial lawyers know Continue reading

Expanded Birth Injury Materials Added At Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers

As medical malpractice lawyers involved in different types of birth injury cases, we recognize that the specific events that occur behind the scenes can be difficult to compartmentalize.  While the fact patterns behind different incidents may vary-- or overlap, the following areas have become consistent aspects in some of our cases.  Consequently, we have expanded the birth injury section at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, to further refine the expanse of birth injury cases we get involved with. Please take a moment and review expanded sections Continue reading

Don’t Assume Your Child’s Birth Injury Is Compensable

Some of the most prolific medical malpractice cases involve injuries sustained by children during the labor and delivery process.  I can’t image a warm-blooded-person who isn’t moved by the very thought of a severely disabled child who faces a lifetime of developmental difficulties and endless hours of specialized medical attention. Despite their poignant tales, these children—or perhaps more accurately, the people bringing lawsuits on their behalves, still have the burden of establishing that their child’s injury derived from the negligence Continue reading

Doctor’s Error May Be Responsible To For Development Of Erb’s Palsy Or Brachial Plexus Injury

The birthing process can be a stressful occasion for both parents, infant--- and physician. During a time in which physicians need to be cool and steady, there are those who get caught up in the moment and fail to follow good medical practice. When a physician, or other delivery personnel, rush to evacuate the baby from the birth canal, they sometimes pull or push too hard on the infant's head or shoulders-- causing damage to an area around the baby's neck where the nerves from the arms connect with the neck and spine (brachial plexus). A Continue reading

Doctor’s Rough Handling Of Forceps During Delivery To Blame For Spinal Cord Injury To Child

Forceps are a tool available to doctors to assist with the delivery of babies in circumstances where the anatomy of the mother or positioning of the child requires assistance for a vaginal delivery.  In most situations where forceps are used, the doctor encountered some difficultly during the delivery process to necessitate utilization of this tool. While there indeed may be a sense of urgency to extract the baby, doctors need to be mindful of the dangers that can ensue when forceps aren’t used carefully and with a sure hand. Though Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Baby Delivery! Are Parents Entitled To Film The Birth Of Their Children?

For some reason, my wife likes to keep her hand on her cell phone at all times--- mostly to capture every: laugh, cry, tumble, stumble, meal, activity, outfit, etc. of my son. I've long given up trying to explain to her that there's really no need to document his life in a moment-by-moment progression. On the other hand, her moment-by-moment photography has captured some pretty cool pictures that we would likely never have-- if it were not for her lightning-quick photography skills. Apparently my wife isn't the only one intent on Continue reading