When Do You Need To Contact An Attorney To Discuss Your Child’s Injury Case?

Situations involving severe personal injury, medical malpractice and other types of harm inflicted on children can pose a challenge both for the individual child and his or her family. When it comes to determining how to proceed with your potential legal recourse, the best rule of thumb is to trust your instinct. If something doesn't seem right--it's probably not. Because most cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice or abusive circumstances to children take place both behind closed doors and with a child who not be capable of Continue reading

Even Minor Pharmacy Errors Pose Substantial Threat To Safety Of Children

While prescription drugs may be an invaluable tools in the practice of medicine-- and can be used to treat numerous illnesses and diseases-- prescription errors can cause serious injury and death.  About 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur every year in the U.S. Pharmaceutical malpractice may occur in the following circumstances: 1) when a doctor prescribes the wrong medication or incorrect dose or 2) when a pharmacist fills the wrong medication or dosage. The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Continue reading