Back-To-School Tips From A Personal Injury Attorney: Bicycle Safety

Back-To-School Tips From A Personal Injury Attorney: Bicycle Safety

If your children ride their bikes to school, it is time to remind them of some bicycle safety tips before they start another year. Riding a bike is great exercise and the first real freedom many children experience. Make sure that they understand the responsibilities that come with this freedom so that they remain safe in their trips to and from school. It is also time for bus drivers and other motorists to remember more children will be on bicycles and to be on the look out. Bicycle Safety Tips For Kids (And Parents) Always wear a Continue reading

Backing Up Vehicles: Will Cameras Prevent Injuries To Pedestrians?

The mention of a pedestrian injury usually conjures up images of a driver hitting a pedestrian with the front of their vehicle.  Though far less common, backing up vehicle injuries remain a source of significant injury to pedestrians-- young and old. An alarming 17,000 people are injured every year when vehicles 'back' into them.  Backing up vehicles also account for an average 288 pedestrian deaths each year when vehicles back over pedestrians in the rear of the vehicle. While keeping a cautious lookout can surely help prevent some of Continue reading

25 Valuable Bicycle Blogs To Help Protect Child Riders

There's something special about children's first bicycle.  Maybe its the first glimpse of independence it provides to children?  Maybe its the sense of accomplishment it provides to children as they progress to gradually shed their training wheels. While bikes can indeed be great for a child's self esteem, bicycles are also a frequent source of injury-- particularly when drivers fail to appreciate their presence.  In order to help protect children-bicyclists, it's important for parents to review common sense safety rules, again, again and Continue reading

Its Time For Illinois To Recognize The Dangers Associated With Bike-Dooring Accidents

Only recently have states and municipalities recognized the disastrous consequences dooring-accidents can have on bicyclists in urban areas. Thankfully, many cities-- such as Chicago-- have recognized the importance of preventing these injuries by incorporating ordinances to protect cyclists from the unavoidable harm caused when a car door is quickly flung open in front of them. According to Chicago Municipal Code: 9-80-035- Opening and closing vehicle doors No person shall open the door of a vehicle on the side available to moving traffic Continue reading

‘Dooring’ Is An Under-Appreciated Danger Facing Bicyclists

  When a client tells me that they were involved in a bike accident, I begin to envision the horrific lay of the land as they are peddling down the street and a car ignores a traffic signal or is busy jabbering on their cell phone and..... whack... Well, not to say that the above circumstances don't happen-- and happen with a fair amount of frequency--- the truth is that there's another major component of bicycle injuries that tends to go unknown-- until it happens to you or your child. I am referring to a type of bicycle accident that Continue reading

Dad Creates Unique Bike For Children With Special Needs

My wife, Lisa, was kind enough to tear out an article from our local newspaper, The Glencoe News, that details how a dad's frustration resulted in the development of a bike specifically developed for children with special needs. After unsuccessful attempts to teach his autistic son how to ride a bike, Steven Cohen, was determined that practice wasn't necessarily the answer when it can to teaching his son how to ride a bike. Instead, Steve stripped off the pesky pedals and chains effectively turning ordinary bikes into sort of a seated-scooter Continue reading

Judge Allows Granny To Pursue Lawsuit Against Free-Wheeling-Toddler On Bike

A recent New York Supreme Court decision will allow a personal injury lawsuit initiated by the estate of elderly woman, who sustained injuries prior to her death, to proceed against a four-year-old allegedly responsible for causing the injuries. The case stems from an incident that took place in 2009 on a Manhattan sidewalk when two four-year-olds were riding their tricycles with their mothers and accidentally rode into an 87-year-old woman who was walking on the sidewalk. When the four-year-old struck the elderly woman, she fell to the Continue reading

As We Gear-Up For Bike Season, It’s Important To Review Bicycle Safety Laws

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the cold!  Particularly after the endless winter we've had here in Chicago, I'm ready to pump-up my tires and put some miles on my bike. However, before we hop on our bikes, its a good idea to review some common sense bike safety-- for yourself--- and for your child. The below is a synopsis of bike laws in Illinois provided by the League of Illinois Bicyclists and the corresponding codification in the Illinois Vehicle Code that may help protect you during the upcoming bike season. Lane Continue reading