Attorneys Suggest Pedestrian Safety Tips for Your Child

Whether it is walking to school, the bus stop, or a friend’s house, it is important that your child knows proper safety techniques to ensure they are walking safe. Practicing safe walking is the best way to protect your child from being involved in a serious accident that leaves them injured. If they should be involved in such an incident, there are skilled New Jersey injury lawyers that can assist you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2009 there were 244 pedestrian accident fatalities that were children 14 Continue reading

Back-To-School Reminders From Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers: Pedestrian Safety

Back-To-School Reminders From Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers: Pedestrian Safety

If you are lucky enough to live close enough to your school to walk, you can avoid the traffic and have a nice walk with your child to school and then hear about their day on the way home. However, if for some reason you are not going to walk with them, you need to make sure they know the rules of being a safe pedestrian. You can teach these rules to them during your walks to school so that when the time comes, they will always follow the rules when they are by themselves. Sidewalks. Always walk on the sidewalk when one is available. If Continue reading

Chicagoans Involved In Pedestrian Traffic Accidents Tend To Be Young & Male

The Chicago Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) analysis of the pedestrian crashes between 2005-2009 broke down who was involved in these crashes by age, gender and ethnicity. The data provided some interesting trends in who were most likely to victims of a motor vehicle crash as a pedestrian. Age Statistics for Victims of Pedestrian Accidents Children were found to be the most vulnerable group of the pedestrians on Chicago streets. Not only were they involved in more accidents, they were also in the highest fatality and serious injury Continue reading

Orange County Freeways Study Finds is Home to some of the Most Congested Nationwide

May 23, 2012 - So I was chatting with my good friend, Orange County freeway accident attorney, Michael P. Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC (See the Personal Injury Website Here: WWW.EHLINELAW.COM), and we were comparing traffic in LA, compared to OC Traffic in Southern California. Contrary to what I believed, The City of Angels' neighbor to the south, is actually one of two worst places to drive in California as far as congestion. According to reports, a study has found that Orange County is home to some of the most congested Freeways. According to Continue reading

Backing Up Vehicles: Will Cameras Prevent Injuries To Pedestrians?

The mention of a pedestrian injury usually conjures up images of a driver hitting a pedestrian with the front of their vehicle.  Though far less common, backing up vehicle injuries remain a source of significant injury to pedestrians-- young and old. An alarming 17,000 people are injured every year when vehicles 'back' into them.  Backing up vehicles also account for an average 288 pedestrian deaths each year when vehicles back over pedestrians in the rear of the vehicle. While keeping a cautious lookout can surely help prevent some of Continue reading

New Safety Program Aims To Reduce Number Of Pedestrians Hit By Vehicles In Chicago

More than 10 pedestrians are are struck by vehicles in the Chicagoland-area every day. Statistics tell us that many of these pedestrians suffer serious injuries or death in these incidents. In an attempt to improve pedestrian safety at busy crosswalks around schools, senior citizen centers and hospitals, The Chicago Department of Transportation has installed buckets containing brightly colored flags for pedestrians to use while crossing the street. The flags are intended to get drivers' attention while the pedestrians cross the street in Continue reading

Don’t Bother Giving Statements To Insurance Companies After An Accident

In the days following a personal injury accident, many injured people receive an outpouring of calls and messages from friends, family and.... insurance adjusters.  While it may be easy to give the insurance adjuster a return call while in the call returning mode, the fact remains that insurance adjusters are not your friends. From a personal perspective, insurance adjusters and the investigators they commonly associate with may be good, fine people.  However, as soon as a car accident, fall, or any other type of personal injury occurs, Continue reading

80% Of Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents Occur Within Crosswalks

After reading the Chicago Tribune's article "City Study: Chicago pedestrians in crosswalks are in cross hairs", I'm definitely going to step-up my level of caution before crossing the street. Once again, I'm continually impressed with how drivers continue to ignore pedestrians--- even when they are crossing the street within the crosswalks. After evaluating traffic data from 2005 through 2009, a staggering 80% of all traffic accidents involving pedestrians who were injured or killed occurred when the person was within the seemingly safe Continue reading

Are Facebook & Twitter To Blame For Car Accidents?

Is it really necessary to tell your friends where you're driving?  Or, what about the fantastic new Lady Gaga song?  What about the spicy hot dog with cheese you had for lunch? Maybe I'm a bit out-dated (though you can still following the Child Injury Laws Blog on Facebook), but I really don't have any urgency to share my instantaneous thoughts with the world-- particularly when I'm on the road. Apparently, I'm in the minority.  A recent Medill Report Chicago, article by Jeff Beck, "Facebook status: I'm in the car" detailed how Continue reading

Chicago Drivers Must Stop For Pedestrains In Crosswalk…. Or Pay Up

Unknown to many, a new Illinois law took effect several months ago that forces drivers to stop for pedestrians within the confines of a crosswalk. The new law is far more restrictive that the former law merely required drivers to 'yield' to pedestrians within crosswalks.  Similarly, the new crosswalk law applies to all intersections, not just those controlled by traffic signals. I was glad to see an article by Jon Halkevitch in the Chicago Tribune regarding efforts by the Chicago Police Department to ramp up enforcement of the new law.  Continue reading