Backing Up Vehicles: Will Cameras Prevent Injuries To Pedestrians?

The mention of a pedestrian injury usually conjures up images of a driver hitting a pedestrian with the front of their vehicle.  Though far less common, backing up vehicle injuries remain a source of significant injury to pedestrians-- young and old. An alarming 17,000 people are injured every year when vehicles 'back' into them.  Backing up vehicles also account for an average 288 pedestrian deaths each year when vehicles back over pedestrians in the rear of the vehicle. While keeping a cautious lookout can surely help prevent some of Continue reading

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Can Help Children Who Have Been The Victim Of Hit-And-Run Auto Accidents

Last week I met with the family of a seven-year-old boy who received horrific orthopedic injuries (fractured tibia and fibula with de-gloving of his leg) he sustained due to being hit by a car as he was crossing the street with friends. The driver completely ignored a traffic signal before hitting the boy and racing away before their plates could be written down. Several months after the incident-- and several leg and arm surgeries later, the boy’s parents called to tell me about the incident and inquired as to what if anything they could Continue reading