Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Cautions Adults To Help Reduce The Risk of Serious Injuries & Burns For Children Related To Fireworks

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Cautions Adults To Help Reduce The Risk of Serious Injuries & Burns For Children Related To Fireworks

What child does not like fireworks? Although they are beautiful to look at, they can be dangerous when allowed to get in the wrong, small hands. Keeping children safe when fireworks are present should be every parent and homeowners priority, for everybody’s sake. Firework Accidents Every year there are more injuries and accidents added under the heading of fireworks. They are also the cause of fires, a reported 15,500 in 2010 alone, causing eight deaths and over $36 million in direct property damage. Some numbers to consider: For 2010, Continue reading

“Sky Shelving” Still Remains an Imminent Danger to Big-Box Shoppers, Despite Thousands of Confirmed Injuries From Falling Merchandise

               [Photo Caption: Warehouse-like conditions in many big box stores still pose serious risks to customers.] Here in Chicago, lasts month’s uncannily good weather meant a citywide run on Costco. Who knew so many Chicagoans couldn’t function without barbecues in March? While I certainly couldn’t condemn my fellow shoppers’ activities, the sight of so many people crowding the aisles made me uneasy - especially as a premises liability lawyer who litigates falling merchandise cases. As I strolled through the store searching Continue reading

Resort Living Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be When Foreign Safety Standards Fail To Protect Children

Who doesn't love a trip to a beautiful and exotic location?  Today, many families are flocking to hotels and resorts that are not just exotic-- but frequently in a foreign country. Family vacations to spots such as: Mexico, Jamaica and other countries throughout the world can really provide a great opportunity for families to reconnect. While many of these resorts indeed may be beautiful and appear to be in good order, many foreign resorts simply lack basic safety requirements that are mandatory in the states. Though I've never seen any Continue reading

When Do You Need To Contact An Attorney To Discuss Your Child’s Injury Case?

Situations involving severe personal injury, medical malpractice and other types of harm inflicted on children can pose a challenge both for the individual child and his or her family. When it comes to determining how to proceed with your potential legal recourse, the best rule of thumb is to trust your instinct. If something doesn't seem right--it's probably not. Because most cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice or abusive circumstances to children take place both behind closed doors and with a child who not be capable of Continue reading

Cheap Window Locks Can Reduce Chance Of Children Falling From Windows

A five dollar window lock can substantially reduce the chances of children falling from an open window in an apartment building.  Seems like common sense, yet many property owners and landlords who own and manage buildings where children are present fail to provide this basic safeguard that restricts children from opening a window past a point where they could manage to get out. Every year, the warmer weather leads to a series of incidents where young children manage to wrangle open a window in an apartment or hotel and fall out suffering Continue reading

After The Chicago Blizzard Of 2011, It’s Important To Evaluate The Law With Respect To Slips & Falls On Ice And Snow

During the winter months, our law office gets many calls from parents coping with an injury to a child due to a fall on ice and snow. While some of these cases are particularly disturbing in light of the fact that the child may have sustained serious injuries, from a legal perspective, these cases can be difficult to prosecute and recover compensation for the resulting injuries. Children, in particular, rely on the property owners to provide a facility free of dangers that might cause dangerous falls or accidents. This responsibility Continue reading

Property Owners May Be Liable If They Fail To Provide Safeguards For Windows & Children Get Injured In Falls

Perhaps the parent of a toddler who fell from a third-story window of an apartment building should buy a lottery ticket? Amazingly, news reports regarding the child's fall indicate that the boy sustained no injuries after falling from a window in the families apartment in North Carolina. Particularly, as seasonal temperatures return to many areas of the county, and people open windows for fresh air, parents need to be mindful of the very real risk of having young children around open--- and unguarded windows. Unfortunately, most Continue reading

Are Some Child-Amusements Taking ‘Scary’ Too Far?

In my house, it seems like we start celebrating Halloween in July!  Costumes, parties, candy-- and yes a trip to a haunted house or two seem to fill our schedules in the weeks leading up to the big day. In the past few years, I noticed a trend towards bigger and more exciting haunted houses where there is more of everything-- monsters and blood--- but a noticeable lack of safety. Most of the haunted houses are put together quickly--- and without much oversight from regulatory agencies as to how they are constructed or the types of Continue reading

Building Codes Are Intended To Improve The Safety Of Children At Businesses

Building codes are various regulations that apply to both new and existing properties that are adopted into law by various governmental entities.  While the specific provisions of the codes may be incredibly specific, the overriding principal behind the codes are to protect the public from harm due to dangerous conditions. Sadly, it appears as though a building code violation at a Chicagoland hotel may be to blame for a significant injury to a toddler.  Several weeks ago, a two-year-old boy fell more than 30 feet down an elevator shaft in a Continue reading

Faulty Boilers Putting Families At Risk For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

As we head towards the cool fall weather, it is important to remember to have your furnace checked by certified hvac personnel.  Faulty furnaces, boilers and other types of heaters can be responsible for creation of unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide is a nearly inperceptable gas (no color, taste or scent) that can rapidly accumulate in a home or apartment setting. When carbon monoxide levels reach a level of 150 to 200 parts per million, serious injuries-- and even death may result. Just recently, I read a news Continue reading