Back-To-School Reminder From A Personal Injury Lawyer: Bus Safety

It is that time again, when children in newly bought “school clothes” and backpacks clamber on to the school bus and head off to start another school year. Before they climb up the steps onto the bus, parents need to remind their kids of how to be safe while riding the bus and bus drivers […]

Are School Buses Really Safer Than Cars?

The large orange-yellow school bus is an iconic symbol of formative years, as almost all children rode on one either to and from school or at the very least, to certain school functions. While a child would not question whether it was the safest mode for them to be transported in, parents cannot help but […]

Drivers Need To Pay Attention and Obey the Law When Children Exit School Buses

Accidents are preventable, and especially when drivers pay attention to what is going on around them. The slightest distraction can cause great damage. An important time for drivers to be on the lookout and extra careful is during the early morning when children are going to school, and in the late afternoon, when children are […]