Difficulties In Prosecuting Child Abuse

It can be difficult providing proof to prosecute the perpetrator in court for the attorney representing the victim even though it may be apparent that the child has been abused. If the child is an infant, or worse, did not survive the abuse, there are often no witnesses to the crime that can testify. In those cases, the juries must rely on expert testimony and circumstantial evidence. Partial Acquittal For Murder Of Corduray, Jr In the case of 3-month old Corduray Scott, Jr., his death was only partially vindicated. His father, Corduray Scott Continue reading

Are Civil Courts Overlooking Victims In Recovered Memory Cases?

Are Civil Courts Overlooking Victims In Recovered Memory Cases?

For the last three decades there have been court cases and media coverage about recovered or repressed memories, even being the subject of popular TV series such as Law & Order. In the 1980’s an emergence of “recovered memory syndrome” or RMS began to ramp up as more therapists started using the newly termed recovered memory techniques. There has been much debate on the reliability of recovered memories, especially as evidence. However, should courts dismiss them all together and let abusers go free? History Of RMS in sexual abuse Continue reading

Victim Of Sexual Abuse To Receive $3.2 Million From Chicago Archdiocese

Under the terms of a settlement related to a sexual abuse lawsuit, the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has agreed to pay $3.2 million to a young man who was sexually abused by a former priest at a well known church in the city.  In 2007, the young man filed the civil lawsuit against admitted child molester Daniel McCormack, the Archdiocese and Cardinal Frances George for their respective roles in the sexual abuse of the boy over a period of several years. In addition to this lawsuit, similar cases have been filed against defrocked priest Continue reading

Sexual Abuse Allegations At Penn State May Give Rise To Civil Lawsuits Against School & Coaches

The shockwaves rippling through the Penn State community might only be small indicators of what’s to come. According to ESPN.com, Penn State will soon face numerous civil lawsuits from the sexual abuse victims of former football coach Jerry Sandusky - now numbering at eight. The victims will likely sue several entities, including Penn State itself, its administrators, and the athletic department-- for their failure to act on credible complaints regarding Sandusky's sexual advances towards children participating in programs at the Continue reading

New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Alleges Church Failed To Act After Learning Of Priest’s Deviant Past

Another sexual abuse lawsuit has been filed in Chicago on behalf of a teenage boy who was sexually abused by a priest over the course of several years at St. Agatha Catholic Church on the cities West Side. In addition to alleging that the boy was abused by admitted sex offender Daniel McCormack, the lawsuit places blame on the Archdiocese of Chicago for allowing McCormack to remain at the church--- and in direct contact with children--- after similar allegations of sex abuse had surfaced. In a widely publicized hearing in 2007, Daniel Continue reading

Foster Care Abuse Lawsuit Seeks Damages From Placement Agency

Three young men who allege to have been sexually abused by their foster care father have filed civil lawsuits against both the individual and the foster care placement company. The foster care father, faces criminal charges for the sexual abuse of seven adolescent boys at his Last Chance Farm compound.  The man and his wife were part of Mentor Maryland, an organization that provides foster care to children and adolescents with: mental disabilities, at-risk children and people with brain and spinal cord injuries. The lawsuits all allege Continue reading

Reporting Child Abuse: Not Just The Right Thing To Do– But Also The Law

In many situations, a child may be unable or unwilling to report their own abuse or neglect.  Therefore, it is important that the network of adults in a child’s life are vigilant advocates, giving abused children a voice.  A child may not report abuse because they cannot talk, do not understand what is happening, are afraid, or have no one to talk to. That is why there are mandated reporters, people and professions who have a legal requirement to report child abuse or neglect to the State.  Many times, these people are in the best position Continue reading

Most Of Chicago’s Roman Catholic Parishes Have Had A Priest Accused Sexual Abuse Working At The Parish

A recently released study commissioned by several victims rights groups including: Voice of the Faithful, African American Advocates for Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse and the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has concluded that most of Chicago’s Roman Catholic parishes have had a priest accused of sexually abusing children working at the facility from 1980 to 1990. The studies conclusions were reached after analyzing data from The Official Catholic Directory and a database of accused, admitted and convicted priests Continue reading

Negligent Hiring Alleged In Lawsuit Against Social Outreach Program Where Counselor Sexually Assaults Child

Daniel L. Price, a Virginia psychologist who ran the Empowering Families Program for 17 years, was sued for knowingly hiring an employee, James W. Davis, with disreputable professional credentials, who was later accused of sexual assault.  (See “Despite the Recent Publicity, Children Continue To Remain Susceptible To Abuse From Clergy”)   The male victim (identified as B.E.L.), who is now 18, was 13-14 when the alleged abuse occurred in 2005-2006.  He reported at least two occasions where Mr. Davis touched the teen Continue reading

When Do You Need To Contact An Attorney To Discuss Your Child’s Injury Case?

Situations involving severe personal injury, medical malpractice and other types of harm inflicted on children can pose a challenge both for the individual child and his or her family. When it comes to determining how to proceed with your potential legal recourse, the best rule of thumb is to trust your instinct. If something doesn't seem right--it's probably not. Because most cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice or abusive circumstances to children take place both behind closed doors and with a child who not be capable of Continue reading