Trampoline Fun Probably Not Worth the Risk of Serious Injury

Trampoline Fun Probably Not Worth the Risk of Serious Injury

Kids love jumping around at home, be it on the bed, on sofas, or on the backyard trampoline. We love seeing our children happy and enjoying life, but we should also be aware of any risks or dangers that these enjoyments may cause. Trampolines are dangerous for kids to play on, with and definitely without parent supervision. The following is some information regarding the risks of trampolines. Discouraged by Pediatrics In 2007, the Canadian Pediatric Society emphasized that they did not support the use of trampolines, especially the ones we Continue reading

Trampoline Parks: Too Much Of A Dangerous Thing?

Always on the cutting edge, some of my son's friends are always looking for different birthday themes.  Moving beyond paint guns and 'Pump it up', my son was recently invited to a birthday gathering at a trampoline park. Trampoline parks making their way into the Midwest Everything sounded great until I Googled the facility and saw a link to a Chicago Tribune article about the new trampoline park trend invading the Chicagoland area.  Products of the West Coast, the facilities' utilize a groups of trampolines to assemble a series of Continue reading

6 Tips To Lessen The Chance Of Your Child Sustaining An Injury On A Trampoline

The other day I took my three-year-old son, Max, to a friend’s birthday party at the families home.  Within minutes of our arrival, I watched Max and other children rush to a home trampoline in the basement.  Unfortunately, as quickly as the kids convened at the trampoline-- crying soon began as several children collided while jumping around. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, but witnessing how quickly children gravitated to the trampoline and how tears erupted--- even quicker, got me thinking about trampoline safety.  Perhaps, its Continue reading