It is that time again, when children in newly bought “school clothes” and backpacks clamber on to the school bus and head off to start another school year. Before they climb up the steps onto the bus, parents need to remind their kids of how to be safe while riding the bus and bus drivers need to be ready to keep them safe.

Getting On And Off The Bus
Board the bus one at a time. Children need to be patient and wait for the bus driver to give the ok for them to board. Once it is safe, each child should board one at a time.
Carry loose items in a bag. Make sure children keep all their items in their bag or backpack. Stopping to pick up dropped items can be hazardous. If they do drop an item getting on or off the bus, they should ask the bus driver for help retrieving it, especially if it goes under the bus or in front or behind it.
Obey the bus driver. Remind your children that the bus driver is in charge and has their safety in mind. They should be polite and obey all of the bus driver’s instructions. Once on the bus, children need to quickly find a seat, sit down and stay facing forward while the bus is moving.
Use handrails. Make sure your child knows they should use the handrails when getting on and off the bus. They also should be careful to tuck in loose strings and straps so they do not get caught in the door.
Crossing in front of the bus. Once the child is off the bus, if they need to cross, they should take five big steps from the front of the bus forward. Then they can turn and start to cross when the bus driver gives the signal. Once they get to the edge of the bus before walking across the street, they need to look both ways before crossing. Do not let them get into the habit of thinking that just because there is a stop sign that traffic will automatically come to a stop.
Bus Driver Responsibility
Bus drivers have precious cargo onboard and need to be both babysitter and driver at the same time. No one says the job is easy, but it is an important role. Making sure that drivers keep control of the students on their bus while still maintaining safe-driving procedures is critical.

Student management. Set strict expectations for your students. Let them know you are there to keep them safe but to do that, you need their cooperation.
Distractions. Children can and will be noisy. Focus on the job at hand, making sure that children are getting on and off the bus safely.
Follow safe driving procedures. Do not let the children distract you from driving safely. If needed, stop the bus and get the situation under control so you can drive with your attention on the road.
By parents and bus drivers both doing their part, all the children can get to school and home again safe this school year.

School Bus Accident Lawyers
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