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Disabled Children Remain At Risk For Injury Due To Negligent Medical Transportation

handicapped busFor physically disabled children, specialized medical transportation is a way of life in order to get to school and appointments.

The specialized vehicles and drivers are intended to assure each child’s safety— particularly if they are confined to a wheelchair or require accompanying medical equipment to accompany them.

Medical transport vans, buses, or Medi-cars provide an essential role in both the physical and emotional well-being of these special needs children as they allow them to live as ‘normal’ lives as possible.

Despite the good intentions of many medical transportation providers to provide safe transportation for handicapped children, I continually see already disabled children suffer horrible– and completely needless injured due to staffing errors and defective equipment on these handicapped vehicles.

Having litigated and settled cases involving medical transportation injuries, I tend to see most of the cases stemming from the following:

  • Dropped passengers
  • Passengers injured due to reckless driving
  • Wheelchair lift injuries
  • Failure to properly secure passengers wheelchairs in the vehicle
  • Passengers struck by the medi-car / medi-van
  • Physical abuse of passengers
  • Passengers left unattended for extended periods

Sadly, many of the traumatically induced medical transportation injuries are particularly devastating for children who may already have medical complications.  Further, the emotional toll of a long (and frequently painful) recovery may leave even more of an impact.

If you or your child one was injured during medical transportation, we welcome you to speak to our lawyers for a free consultation. (888) 424-5757.  We know the issues and can advise you of your legal rights with respect to both the physical and emotional injuries.


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