Accidents are preventable, and especially when drivers pay attention to what is going on around them. The slightest distraction can cause great damage. An important time for drivers to be on the lookout and extra careful is during the early morning when children are going to school, and in the late afternoon, when children are returning from school.

Yellow School Buses
School buses have been painted yellow for particular reasons. They are easy to spot and and identify as school buses. Some schools may use public transport busses for older children. Regardless of the type of bus, drivers need to proceed with extra caution when children are entering or exiting a school bus.

Buses are equipped with proper indicator and stop arms that give the drivers some time to realize that they must slow down, or that the bus is slowing down to pick up children. When the stop arm of a school bus is out, a car cannot overtake the bus and must remain behind the bus at all times during the red lights are flashing.

Children can also run from one side of the road to the other to get on or off the bus. They might drop a school bag or forget something and turn around. Their actions are quite unpredictable and during this time, it is best to stop your car, and wait patiently for the children to board the bus.

There are strict laws that have been implemented to keep our children safe, and drivers must obey these laws. Speed limits, adhering to bus rules, and driving cautiously during the specified hours are just a few of the laws that are simple to follow yet have the ability to prevent great accidents. Drivers must be aware that these laws are very important to follow, and disregarding any of these laws is a serious offense.

How Parents and Children Can Help
Parents can help by advising their children to be careful when crossing the road and to always watch for cars in both directions. For younger children, this is sometimes hard to remember when they are more worried about their first day of school. Parents can supervise the children as they get on and off the buses.

How Drivers Can Help Reduce The Incidence of School Bus Accidents
In school zones and residential areas, drivers must drive slowly, regardless of if they see a school bus or not. Drivers must be alert at all times, especially during the time before school and after school.

Drivers should also know exactly what the bus indicators mean. Yellow flashing lights at the back of the school bus mean that the bus is about to stop, while red flashing lights mean that the bus has stopped and children are boarding or exiting. Some buses may use a stop arm as well in addition to the red flashing lights. It is against the law to overtake or pass a bus that has red flashing lights or a stop arm extended.

Drivers must understand that this is not a simple matter, and no matter what kind of rush they are in, they must stop for the children. Our children are our future, we must work together to take care of them.

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