Kids love jumping around at home, be it on the bed, on sofas, or on the backyard trampoline. We love seeing our children happy and enjoying life, but we should also be aware of any risks or dangers that these enjoyments may cause.

Trampolines are dangerous for kids to play on, with and definitely without parent supervision. The following is some information regarding the risks of trampolines.

Discouraged by Pediatrics
In 2007, the Canadian Pediatric Society emphasized that they did not support the use of trampolines, especially the ones we set up in our backyard. Recreational trampolines found in parks or other facilities also pose a danger to your children. In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a statement strongly discouraging the use of trampolines at home.

The Risks
Trampolines are most dangerous for young children who do not have full control over their body. When they are jumping on the trampoline, they may not be able to balance themselves properly and will fall at odd angles.
Jumping on a trampoline is usually not a one-person job. Many children are involved and the trampolines are usually too small to safely accommodate the number of children at the same time. Children may hit or fall on each other.
With younger children, their heads encompass a larger surface area, and so the chances of them landing on their heads rather than on their arms or legs are more likely.
Trampoline injuries can be minor such as a broken wrist or a sprained ankle, but many of the injuries are more severe. Head and neck injuries may also occur, and according to a 2000 US study, 1 of 200 trampoline injuries result in permanent brain damage.
The Benefits
Listing the benefits is not going to make a difference after being given the information about the risks. To make you better understand how minute trampoline fun is though, here are a few of the benefits.

Children have fun on trampolines, as it is a completely different experience of being in the air.
Gives children a chance to get out and play, taking them away from their inside routine of television and computers.
It is a form of exercise and exerts the limbs and lungs.
These benefits pale in comparison to the risks. Benefits have been listed only for parents and guardians to understand that trampolines are a hazard, not a toy. All of these benefits can be found in other activities, safer activities that are better for your child. Children can play at the park, go biking or swimming. Activities that do not have a high risk of injury should be encouraged with your children.

Trampolines are dangerous for children, even under parental supervision. It only takes an instant for someone to land on the wrong part of their body and for injuries to occur. Trampolines are definitely not worth the risk, and no matter how hard your child pleads with you to set one up in the backyard, remember that the risks greatly outweigh the benefits.