Tremendous Expenses Related To Disabled Child Care

Raising a child with disabilities can have enormous costs for the family. Beyond the cost emotional, mentally and physically, the financial burden can be tremendous as well. Even with health care insurance and even government assistance, there are many out of pocket expenses that are just not covered.

Specialized Medical Equipment Necessary To Care For Disabled Children
Depending on the severity of the disability, there are many devices and equipment that may be needed to properly care for a disabled child. Keeping in mind that a disabled child may never be able to be on their own, these are ongoing costs that can be for the entire life of the child. Some equipment that may be needed:

Wheelchairs, walkers, braces and other mobility equipment
Protective gear, such as helmets, guard rails and car seats
Special bedding, mattress protectors and bedding rails
Medical equipment, which includes too many items to list
Home And Car Modifications
If the disabled child is in a wheelchair or has difficulty walking, there may be needed changes to the home and vehicles. Since vehicles often need to be replaced, these modifications are continuous with every vehicle the family buys.

Ramps, inside and out of the home
Change in home door sizes to accommodate wheelchairs
Vehicle wheelchair accessibility and transport
Health Services
Disabled children have ongoing financial needs for all their health needs and there are travel costs to and from the many doctor visits. Many children with disabilities may have new symptoms and medical problems related to their disease, as they grow older.

Prescriptions and medications
Doctor visits-specialists, nutrition, physical therapy
Testing, scans and lab
Child Care
Balancing the need to make money and have childcare can be a difficult choice. For lower income families, the cost of going to work is often too great. Even if one parent stays home, the family has to live on one income, which is difficult in today’s economy. There are always times when specialized care needs to be available for the child.

When the parents are working
When there are errands to run
When other children need the parents
When the parents are ill or just need an emotional break
Disabled children do come with a high price tag but most parents would not trade their beloved, special kids for anything in the world.

Attorneys for children disabled due to injuries sustained during the birthing process
Caring and providing for any child can be a tough responsibility, caring for a child with disabilities sustained at birth can put an enormous amount of stress upon the entire family. Attorneys with experience litigating birth injury cases can help provide answers to how medical mistakes may have impacted your child.

In situations where medical negligence is responsible for a birth injury of a child, attorneys with experience litigating birth injury cases can help provide for your child’s financial future in the form of a medical malpractice case against a physician, midwife or hospital. Get the compensation your child deserves and contact our team of birth injury lawyers today for a free case assessment without any obligation on your end.